We love tasteful homes that are functional yet stylish, traditional yet contemporary. We bring all that and affordable. And, we believe in business with a purpose. We pride ourselves in using the vintage art of hand block printing that supports artisan families, and creates simply gorgeous bed linen for your living comforts - whether you use it in your home or gift someone you love. 

We believe that our philosophy of fewer designs with sustainable work for artisans will bring slow & durable textiles to the forefront. We spend a long time choosing our material, creating designs and getting each piece painstakingly hand block printed by our artisans, ensuring creation of luxurious & durable textiles that are marked with natural imperfections, lending each piece character and warmth. You will need less of our handmade, luxurious bed linen but it will leave you wanting more! 

We invite you to watch this short video (2.35 min) on the actual process of hand block printing, a vintage art that Govinds Grove uses for creating our luxurious bed linen. We hope you will appreciate the labor of love. Enjoy.


                        Hand Block Printing Process - Video showing Govinds Grove exclusive designs being hand printed by artisans, creating  magnificent bed linen. 


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